Gta 5 cheats ps3 & xbox 360 ! 2014 edition full list for free!

Are you looking for some GTA 5 cheats? Then, you are on the right place. We offer you the cheats for an exclusive worldwide action-adventure game – Grand Theft Auto V. Just press the pause button or activate these cheats during the play and the appearing notifications on the map will instantly inform that you have entered the particular cheat. If you are a beginner, don’t start with the cheats. Let the play addict you and then, once you are the part of the game, try to use cheats. Trust me- it will be more awesome as once you play in the regular mode and gradually keep playing with cheats- the game won’t give you even a sign of boredom. Remember- once you enter the cheat, this does not mean that you are done with all these. For example, Xbox 360 doesn’t save cheats on missions and you will have to enter them every time you want to play. Here are some other things that you would like to know, for example, you are not allowed to activate the corresponding cheat function during a mission- doing this will lead to disconnection.

player cheats

gta 5 player cheats

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item cheats


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Remember 6 things:

  1. Cheats really help the player
  2. All commands related to the direction should be entered using a d-pad (digital pad)
  3. Quickly save the game before using codes.
  4. Use the gamepad for GTA 5 cheats codes
  5. Input the codes very, very quickly
  6. You can get more customizations for main characters by unlocking new levels 7. By some commands you can a Spawn BMX, PCJ-600 Motorcycle, Duster, Rapid GT, Caddy, Trashmaster, etc
  7. gta-5-cheats-for-xbox-3601

The gta 5 cheats are very necessary as they might act according to your mood and tastes. For example you can use special commands for sky fall, Explosive Melee Attacks or bullets, slide cars or Slow Motion Aim. Enjoy drunk- mode and change weather for better performance. some samples of the latest cheats include options as Giving weapons , Invincibility, Super jump, Recharge ability, Super fast running , giving extra ammo, faster swim, Full health and shield, Decreased or +1wanted level. You might think that grand theft auto V has got more options and using cheats might be unnecessary. Don’t worry, some people also think that using cheats ruins any game, especially Gta5, but remember- they are not right. Cheats really help three player-controlled protagonists- the criminals with definite missions. It is very interesting that Michael, Trevor, and Franklin have special 8 skills for certain areas like shooting or driving. All in all, you might think that cheats are unnecessary for such a game, but let me say that I a game where characters use smart-phones for communication, internet service for buying properties, why are cheats represented as a problem by some people? Let’s say that a character committed an illegal act during the play, of course, the “wanted meter” will appear for indication the player’s wanted level. Why not to use the cheat that is related to this issue for the best performance? With cheats, achievement can appear on your side easily- just play with codes. Even Gta 5 is the right place for cheats as it allows you to explore the inner side of the game in the deeper layers. With the cheats, one discovers cool features of which you have never thought about. You might not even expect to what the cheats lead to- they lead to the awesome way of finishing difficult missions. Of course, there might be some other secret codes for GTA V. Visit our site and I assure you that we will try to keep you with updated information for the future.

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The next chapter in the addictive Grand Theft Auto universe is calling you. If you want to experience the new city with outstanding luxurious life, beautiful hills, dangerous outskirts and sunny beaches, then you should join the game full of different stories, missions and tasks. Feel the power of freedom, once you fail, there is no need to despair as using gta5 cheats for ps 3 is never too late. In gta 5 you can control the three main protagonists at the same time. If you are ready for the co-operative game where the competition always takes the first place, go ahead and show off your abilities. The criminal underworld is full of tasks where you can use cheats for ps 3 – they give you the real opportunities to earn a large amount of money and become satisfied with other things. Using codes for a home video game console by Sony Computer Entertainment provides you with a totally new experience. Join the world of planes, helicopters and of course, super autocars that make the game far more challenging. Take part in this maze developed by Rockstar North- these guys really knew what you have been looking for all this time. There are two ways to play grand theft auto – you can use play station 3 or Xbox 360. Featuring blu-ray disk drives for games, grand Theft Auto referring to motor vehicle theft is played so well on ps 3 that everyone can find it a good place to rest and enjoy free time. The game emphasizes missions and lives of criminals that make a great story with challenging activities. Gta 5 cheats for playstation 3 offer you to fit in the roles of three criminals full with engaging activities. You might ask how to use gta 5 cheats ps3. Well, that’s too easy- just enter the following codes while you play gta5 or pause the videogame to activate the particular cheat for a needed result. Once you enter the code correctly, then a little notification will appear on the map just to confirm your action. This is a good thing for beginners as for the first time, they might input some codes incorrectly. One thing that people often forget is that gta5 cheats for ps 3 are not saved- so you have to enter manually these codes after some time, for example, after 5 minutes. Remember that while you are on mission, you are not allowed to use cheats. Don’t worry, the missions need strategy skills and not the cheats – so everything is up to you. Be smart, concentrated and you will do the given task correctly, without any mistakes. In order to save the game, you have to press quickly, so as you see, being quick is another feature that you have to demonstrate in this game. Gta 5 cheats for ps 3 might come under the various categories. For example these codes might be under the names of vehicles, player and world, weapons and items. Each category combines several codes for cheats but if you are a beginner player let’s take s deep step and find out more. For instance, if you want to activate drunk mode on or change the wanted level, then you might have to check the category called “player and world”, but if you want to use flaming bullets or maximum health or armor then you should check codes under the category “weapons and items”. Additionally, vehicles category includes cheats for spawn trashmaster, Sanchez, PCJ, Caddy, BMX. Gta 5 cheats for ps 3 give you a chance to raise the ranks in this competitive world as gta 5 games always offer a vast array of cheats that are activated by specific combinations that are easy to make. You can restore the health of the protagonist, supply him with ammo, change wanted levels or make special effects for example in weather (use R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Square )or impact the protagonist by making him drunk( use Triangle, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, O, Left) . With humor, comedy and challengeable missions the game is number one for everyone. There may be some other cheat codes that are unknown, some check back after a while and we will provide you with the best information about gta 5 cheats ps

more about ps3 cheats in gta 5

Most passionate gamers don’t believe in the concept of using cheats codes while playing their favorite games. Some critics even believe that cheat codes can deprive the players of an exceptional gaming experience, and even deprive others of achieving victory in multiplayer mode. However, critics have always been skeptical about everything. There’s a simple reason why cheat codes exist.

While playing a game, there are times when you may want to advance faster in a game, need a specific gun or more ammo and jump higher while trying to overcome an obstacle. At such times, GTA 5 cheats PS3 can help you enjoy a delightful gaming experience. With these cheat codes, you will want to play your favorite game over and over again.

For most players, the overall gaming experience is significantly reduced while replaying some games. Therefore, cheat codes make a lot of sense and allow players to skip boring portions or the ones which have been played before. This is the primary reason why most gamers keep looking for unique GTA 5 cheats PS3. These days, you can easily find numerous cheat codes online to enhance your gaming experience and enjoy your favorite games a lot more.

New GTA 5 Cheats PS3

Most of the GTA 5 cheat codes on the Internet look quite similar to Xbox cheats. Thus, if you’re already familiar with Xbox cheats, you won’t experience any problems using these. However, while using these cheat codes for PS3, you need to make some modifications. This makes sure they work properly. GTA 5 cheat codes are very easy to use. Most developers and webmasters test these codes before publishing them on the Internet. Thus, you don’t experience any problems while using them

Using GTA 5 Cheats PS3

When you played GTA 4, you had to input these cheat codes by using a smartphone. On the other hand, GTA 5 cheats PS3 are exclusive and work by using the D-Pad to easily input different kinds of directional commands. Unless you want to start the game all over again, it is important to be firm and quick in your movement. Swift movement will make sure you perform well in the game.

It is also important to understand that like the Xbox version of this game, once you’ve used the cheat codes for PS3, you will not receive any more trophies and rewards. Due to this, before you use any GTA 5 cheats for your Playstation 3, you should save the game. This will help you play the game from the point where you left. Thus, if you want more trophies and rewards in future, you will be able to continue doing so from this stage.

At times, there may be some codes which don’t work. If you come across such cheat codes on the Internet, you should inform the developer or webmaster about this problem. Most webmasters and developers sort out the problem within hours, and provide you with the right cheat codes. There are many discussion forums and websites where you can find GTA 5 cheats PS3 and share your own knowledge to help fellow gamers.

Gta 5 cheats xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most famous console game where you will find everything what makes your free time enjoyable. As we all know, Gta 5 Xbox is best played with cheats and almost everyone is seeking for the new and old codes that will make the game more challengeable. We take care of the problem as our site provides you with the codes, so launch another cheats attack for gta 5 cheats Xbox. The game is filled with tricky missions and we use special tricks to overcome difficulties. So don’t take on any extra tasks as cheats are with you to get the best results. The special codes make the game extensively modified so read this article well to handle the matter related to this. You can unlock moon gravity, parachute giving, drunk cheats, explosive attacks and rounds in gta 5 Xbox. Still not satisfied? Then weapons and special ammo stats will do for you. In this console game, it is not important what you have, it’s important what you need to achieve goals. So, don’t evade doing special tasks with tricks as old school cheats along with the new ones are always on your side and give you the enormous advantage over your enemies
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